Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to the View Point - March 2013

Spring is on the way.  March in Texas is usually a great time of year. We start to see the budding of the Bradford Pears and Dogwoods, the birds are all over the place gifting us with song and color (and if you don't have covered parking, something else) and we get a sense of renewal.   Baseball season is right around the corner and hopefully our Texas Rangers can once again make it to the playoffs and garner that elusive World Series ring.

This year March also brings us something not so great.  SEQUESTER.  That word to me has become synonymous with ineptitude, selfishness, and idiocy.  I have a piece this month on this utterly stupid event that could have been avoided.

On the brighter side of things this month, we have a great article from Bill on TV Sweeps and all that brings to us, some good and not so good as it pertains to watching the television machine and in particular, TV news.

I hope you all have a great March and remember to join the conversation.

Dennis Sherrard

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