Want to Write for The View Point? Here's How.

The View Point is a multi-topic blog that covers a myriad of ideas, opinions, points of view, etc.  As such, we welcome points of view from anyone who wants to take the time to write.  As the managing editor, I have content approval authority and will refuse highly derogatory, inflammatory, false or unsubstantiated material.  That's not the purpose of this site. Controversy is fine.  Argument and debate is encouraged.  That's how we all get smarter and more informed.   If you want to write for us, here's all you need to do.

Email me at dennis.sherrard@gmail.com.  Provide a 500 word sample of your writing on any topic you want to discuss.  I'll review and decide if it is something I want to publish. If so, I'll ask you to enlarge the topic to 1000-1500 words and resubmit.  That's it.  We publish monthly and I would like the content provided a couple of weeks before the 1st of the month so I can edit, ask questions and then hopefully publish your material.

I'm encouraging all who haven't tried writing before to give it a whack. No one is judgemental on this site.  You may get challenged on your opinion, but given this is an opinion forum, all are welcome within the boundaries of decorum.   So, give it a go. I'd like to see your work.

Dennis Sherrard
Managing Editor

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