About The View Point

The purpose of this blog essentially is to engage multiple points of view in order to illustrate, educate, argue, entertain and ultimately extend the public discourse on a multitude of topics. Over the next month, I'll be introducing you to our columnists. We'll have no specific format other than the writer's point of view. The rules of the road for this blog are as follows:

1. Opinion is absolutely desired. Listening to differing opinions is how we move forward. The only requirement for the writers is if they make an assertion or declaration that is depicted as fact, that it be supported by sources. For the purposes of this blog, two sources are required from the writers with links to the sources embedded in their articles.

2. The writers will not engage in derogatory conversations with the commentariat. If someone comments on a particular writer's article with denigration and derogatory language, the comments will be rejected. Similarly, as the editor, I hold editorial sway over the writers' content. I will not redact anything that is opinion based, but we won't get into adolescent name calling and insults. There are many other sites to choose from if that is what is desired. This site is to advance public discourse with healthy, intelligent debate.

3. The writers can post on any subject they choose, this isn't about pushing a specific point of view, rather an open forum to get the intellectual juices flowing and to debate from multiple perspectives.

4. If you have an interest in becoming a contributing writer to our blog, please email me at dennis.sherrard@gmail.com