Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome to the View Point - February 2013

Well, February is upon us, and we have a Super Bowl to look forward to this month with two brothers coaching against each other for the first time in Super Bowl history.  For me, the game has moved more towards what cool commercials will we see. I hope the game is a good one, and it looks to be with San Francisco and Baltimore both being exciting teams who as evidenced by this season won some remarkable games.  

This month's issue has two articles. Our regular contributor, Bill Holmes continues his analysis of the Lance Armstrong saga with a recap of Lance's recent sit-down with the queen of television interviews; Oprah Winfrey.  The interview was  pretty good and we got to see some of the insight as to what drove this supremely talented but altogether flawed athlete to do what he did.  Bill's article is excellent and will provide some insight not discussed in some of the other reporting on this interview that I have seen.

The other article is in response to the dialog in Washington regarding Gun Control.  Unless you have been living under a rock, we had a tragedy in Newtown Connecticut last year with a mad-man killing over 25 people, mostly children.  All of the stakeholders in the discussion, pro-gun rights and pro-gun control, have come out of the woodwork with an expectation that something, anything, must be done to quell this insanity of gun violence our nation sees all too often.

I hope you all have a wonderful February. Don't forget Valentines day, be sure and get the pre-treatment on the lawns and enjoy Sunday's game.  Go Ravens....

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