Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome to the Viewpoint - November 2012

Welcome to this month's issue of the View Point.

This month's articles include a post by regular contributor, Bill Holmes regarding Lance Armstrong's unfortunate troubles with doping and having his Tour de France championships stripped away.  Since this is November and the month of Thanksgiving, I thought it appropriate to re-post David Pillow's great article from last September on saying "Thank You". Finally, an article from me on the recent events in New Jersey and New York with the terrible storm damage done by Hurricane Sandy and the way Americans came together to provide assistance. 

The storm may be over but the clean up, recovery and rebuilding is just starting.  Benefit concerts and other events are being planned now and donations into various relief agencies are pouring in.  There are two links below for providing help if you would like to donate.

American Red Cross:

Federal Emergency Management Agency donations:

As we move towards the big day this month where we eat way too much turkey, see way too much of our relatives and watch way too much TV, let's see if we can find someone to thank for doing their jobs.  Go out on Thanksgiving Day, even for just five minutes and find the local gas station that is open and just tell the cashier thanks for working so someone else could take the day.  There are cops, fire-fighters, medical professionals, airline and other transportation employees who will not be able to be with their families.  They deserve our thanks for doing their jobs.  As we think about our fellow countrymen and women in the Northeast, those of us not close to that area can be thankful we aren't the ones digging out of the rubble.  Our thoughts and best wishes go out to those affected by the storm.  May they all be safe and may they find some rest and peace soon.

Dennis Sherrard - Managing Editor.

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