Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome to the View Point - September 2012

Ahhhhh.  It's been a wonderful August compared to last year.  I think we were still rampaging toward our record of 70 days above 100 degrees last year and everything just burned up or melted.  This August, we've had some rain, some cool weather and it has been most welcome. I hope you had a great summer and as we get the kids back in school and back to our routines you get a chance to enjoy the great weekend and Labor Day holiday coming up on Monday.

This month's issue has four articles for your reading consideration and commentary.  We have a reflective article about the art of saying "Thank You" from our contributing author David Pillow.  We have an album review of a terrific Jazz Singer, Hope Morgan, who has released an album called "It's About Time", that has some marvelous music in store for you.  We also have an article about moving.  Yes, the boss and I are moving soon, and I'm already getting a sore back thinking of all the boxes that will have to be packed, moved and unpacked coming up in the next few weeks.  Finally we have a book review on Independent Politics.  As this is an election year and the same old parties are gearing up for the big contest in November, the book "Independents Rising" is an excellent story of how the independent political movement came to be and what is happening today in non-party affiliated politics.

I hope you enjoy this month's issue.  Please let us know what you think of the content and remember, there is an open invitation for new authors. So come on in, read, comment and get into the conversation.

Dennis Sherrard, Editor 

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