Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to the View Point - August 2012

Welcome to the August issue of the View Point.  As we continue to melt under the sweltering heat, I hope you are all finding some cool air-conditioned room to catch your breath and take a few minutes to read our articles for this month.  We've got another feature from our regular contributor Bill Holmes, who has some interesting thoughts on the whole Chick-fil-A dust-up that has surfaced in the past month or so.  Another article from your's truly on the unfortunate circumstances at the US Postal Service and the memories of letter writing and receiving.   As you read this month's issue, give us some feedback.  The site was established to start a discussion, so let us know what you think about the topics or just anything in general.  We're happy to have you visit us.  Get in the conversation.


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