Sunday, July 1, 2012

Welcome to The View Point - July 2012

Well, the dog days of summer seem to have arrived. All over the country it seems like we are baking in 100+ degree heat. Whether you are sweltering in New York, baking in St. Louis, melting in Dallas, it is time to take a little break from your outside activities, grab a cold one (your beverage of choice), and read a little bit. We've got two articles for you today, one by our regular contributing author Bill Holmes, who seems to be channeling Mark Twain with his sardonic article on what is or should be illegal in today's society. The article we have for you is my Top Ten List of movie speeches. I was flipping through the TV channels the other day (sheesh, it takes longer and longer to 'flip through' them all. I remember when there were only four channels), and saw Mel Gibson's big, impassioned speech in Braveheart and that got me thinking: "What were mine?' I've listed them in the article for you along with the clips.

Please give us feedback on both articles. We're starving for some commentary here folks. The whole purpose of the site was to generate some conversation. I think you'll find this month's issue enjoyable. Let us know what you think.

Dennis Sherrard,

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