Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Editor's Note

Welcome to the May 2012 issue of The View Point.  This month's issue has an eclectic collection of articles that I think you'll find interesting an entertaining.  Included in this month's issue is Bill Holmes' provocative plan for re-vamping our education system,  a movie review of the film based on John Le Carre's best seller, "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy", a reflection on the recent retirement of possibly the best catcher ever to play in the major leagues, and finally an album review of "Duets - An American Classic" that has the wonderful and ageless Tony Bennett teaming up with the likes of Paul McCartney, The Dixie Chicks, George Michael and many others performing songs from "The Great American Songbook".

The May issue gives us a lot to remember, discuss and talk about.  I hope you all enjoy it. Please comment on the articles and engage in the conversation.   I also encourage you to become part of the View Point team and submit your own articles for publication.

Thanks again and happy reading,


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